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Local SpotzTM is an online promotional, advertising and marketing company. We specialize in creating an online community to help local businesses connect with local customers and by using or accessing any part of Local Spotz, or our Social Media Pages such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., you are agreeing to these Terms of Service, all of our web pages, policies and/or notices posted by us on our website.

We can change these Terms of Service at any time without any given notice to you. If you use our site after we've changed it, you are agreeing to all of the changes. If you don't agree to the changes, please don't use our website.

1.    Local SpotzTM may pre-empt any web-hosting or advertisement or remove the web page/ coupons displayed on the
       Website, provided, that Local SpotzTM, in its sole discretion, replace the preempted web page or removed coupons
       with an equivalent at a later time or reimburse the Advertiser for such preemptions or removals. The failure on the
       part of Local SpotzTM to display the Advertiser's web page and/or coupon(s) for any reason shall not constitute a
       breach of this Agreement and shall not relieve the Advertiser of any other duty or obligation hereunder.

2.    The Advertiser shall be responsible for providing to Local SpotzTM all material required to the Advertiser's web page
       and/or coupon required to produce the web page/coupon. The Advertiser agrees to pay Local SpotzTM standard fee
       as determined from time to time for any change to the web page/coupon.

3.    Local SpotzTM shall have full and exclusive control over the set-up, maintenance, change and removal of the Advertiser's
       web page/coupons. Local SpotzTM shall have sole discretion on the acceptance and approval of all web page/coupons
       to be displayed on the Web Site. Any refusal to display any web page/coupon shall not constitute a breach of this

4.    In addition to any other rights Local SpotzTM may have, Local SpotzTM reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any
       time in the event of any breach by the Advertiser.

5.    The granting of advertising rights hereunder does not constitute an endorsement by Local SpotzTM, of products or services
       advertised by the Advertiser and any representation by the Advertiser to the contrary is strictly prohibited.

6.    The Advertiser grants Local SpotzTM the right to place stickers and point of sale displays on Advertiser's business
        premises to promote the Local SpotzTM Website.

7.    The rights conferred under this Agreement relating to the hosting and display of the web page/coupons in no way
       confer on the Advertiser any property rights to or interest in the Website or to any copyright in and to the source code
       of the web page/coupon(s) or the web site. All original artwork designed by Local SpotzTM is the exclusive property of
       Local SpotzTM and may not be used by the Advertiser without prior written consent from Local SpotzTM.

8.    The Advertiser warrants that the web page/coupons and it's/their content(s) does/do not infringe on any common law
        or statutory trademark, copyright, right of privacy or any other right of any person, firm or corporation and it contains
        no matter that is defamatory or otherwise objectionable. The Advertiser covenants and agrees to indemnify and save
        harmless Local SpotzTM of and from any and all losses, damages, claims, causes of action, demands or liabilities what-
        soever and all costs and expenses associated therewith including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees, which
        arise by reason of publication or display of web pages/coupons by the advertiser or Local SpotzTM hereunder.

9.    A failure to display the advertising material which is caused directly or indirectly, by technical difficulties or server
       interruptions or any other cause shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement.
       The Advertiser shall not be entitled to any credit, reduction, reimbursement or abatement for any such failure to display.

10.  The Advertiser shall not assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of Local SpotzTM.

11.  There shall be no modification of this Agreement except by written agreement, signed by Local SpotzTM and the

12.  This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Local SpotzTM and the Advertiser with respect to the Subject
        matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements, negotiations, discussions and understanding between Local SpotzTM
        and the Advertiser, which in any way related to the rights granted hereunder.

13.   Notice of intent for non-renewal must be given by either party in writing at least 60 days prior to this contract's expiration
        date, at the addresses first mentioned, by either facsimile, email or certified mail. Facsimile notices are deemed
        received one (1) day after the day of fax (sent). Notice given by certified mail shall be deemed received three (3) days
        following date of postmark. This contract will automatically renew if either party fails to give a 60-day notice in writing of
        intent to not renew. Verbal notice is not acceptable under any conditions.

14.  Personal Use Only: You are not allowed to use, change, blog, sell or represent Local SpotzTM without the written consent
        from the owner. You many not use Local SpotzTM for any other purpose except for what it's intended use, you are
        prohibited to do anything with Local SpotzTM without written permission from the owner.

15.  Delete User's Content: We have the right, but not the obligation to delete at any time any user's content that we believe
        to be inappropriate for any reason without any notice to the user.

16.  We Are Not Responsible for Content

17.  Proprietary Rights: Local SpotzTM retains all rights, title and interest (including all copyright, trade secret, patent and other
       rights) to Local Spotz. We reserve all rights in and to Local SpotzTM and all of the content featured on Local SpotzTM. You
       may not copy, iframe, frameset, enclose or otherwise distribute any part of Local SpotzTM without prior written consent
       from owner.

18.  Infringement of Information: If you have a complaint or feel your belongs have been infringed upon please contact
       Local Spotz at info@localspotz.com please include your contact information so we may be able to contact you
       and assist you further. We are not responsible or liable for any misuse or infringement of any information that is
       listed on Local SpotzTM.

19.  Contact Us: Please email us at info@localspotz.com all comments, requests for technical support or please filling
        out our Contact Us Form on the "Contact Us" page of our website.

20.  Sale of Products: We are not responsible for any transactions of Products, services or goods being sold through
        user's web page. We are not liable for any misconduct or misfortunate.

21.  Links to External Websites & Other Websites: We may have hyper-links to our client's official websites, web pages or
        social media pages. Because they are external websites and we don't have any control of those external websites, we
        are not liable or responsible for any content, policies or anything else on such external websites. Warning you could be
        exposed to viruses and or unsuitable or undesirable content that you may find offensive or damaging to your computer
        systems. Please use extreme caution. We are not responsible or liable for any damages that may occur.

22.  Disclaimer: By logging on to Local SpotzTM you are taking responsibility of your own welfare. Use Local SpotzTM at your own
        risk. We are not liable for any thing that should occur on our site or using our services, nor are our clients and or
        affiliates, suppliers and vendors affiliated with Local SpotzTM.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in effect in the State of Nevada.

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